The Feline Fantasy Brush

The feline fantasy brush is an ingenious way for your cat or kitten to brush and groom themselves. It is a brush made of polypropylene bristles that are formed into a six inch wide arch. It is firmly attached to rounded base that is covered in carpet. You cat will brush up against in, walk underneath it, and rub his or her head against it.

The bristles of the brush are made to attract and hold your cat's loose hair. This is especially great for any cat with very long hair because the long fur can become quickly and easily entangled into a big knot that is very difficult to untangle unless the cat is groomed on a regular basis.

If you have a cat that doesn't like to be brushed, or is very squiggly when you do try to brush them, then this is the perfect solution. The feline fantasy brush can save you from being scratched because your cat can brush itself whenever it feels like it. Since cats are naturally curious creatures, they will be eager to try out this new item. Also, cats love to rub up against things, and this way they can keep themselves, and their fur coat, looking great and free from knots and hairballs.

Because the base is covered in carpet, it is so much more than just a brush. Your cat can scratch at the carpeted area and dig his or her paws into it, instead of into your carpet or furniture. They will roll around on the carpet, and when they get tired they may even decide to take a nap on it. You can use a small hand vacuum to clean the carpeted area just as you would on regular carpet.

There is also a refillable area that can be filled with catnip to further entice kitty to groom themselves. The unit itself is sixteen inches long, eighteen inches wide, sixteen inches high, and weighs four pounds, so it will not take up too much floor space. The feline fantasy brush has been given the stamp of approval by veterinarians.