Cat Hair Loss

My black and white cat Oreo sheds a lot but she has never lost hair until she's had a bald spot. If a cat starts loosing hair until you can see the skin in places, this is a sign she's not well. Hair loss is not an uncommon in the cat family but it's still a sign that the cat may be ill.

Some reasons why your cat may be loosing hair. A heavy infestation of mites, fleas and other parasites can cause hair loss. Many cats are allergic to fleas, one bite can cause sever problems. The site of the bite may become ulcerated. Ulcers may appear over the rest of the body, caused by licking, biting and scratching. Make sure your cat gets her flea and tick medicine.

If a cat is allergic to certain foods, this may cause the cat to itch. Then it will scratch, tearing away hair and skin. The vet will put the cat on a special diet of proteins and carbs., for about three weeks.

A Ringworm is not caused by a worm, it's caused by a fungal infection. Some cats has hair loss and some appear normal. Cats catch this disease from other cats. Ringworm can be passed from cats to humans. Ringworm can clear up by its self but it is better to see the vet to stop it from spreading. The vet will prescribe tablets, ointments or lotions.

Psychogenic Alopecia is a nervous disorder of cats, caused by excessive licking, chewing and grooming itself. This causes the cat to lose hair. If the vet things this is the cause of the hair loss. He may suggest you try to find the cause of your cats nervousness. If the problem can't be found, he may prescribe anti-depressants or anti- anxiety medicine.

A cat can get Feline Aids. There is no cure for Feline Aids but with proper care a cat can live for many years, with a good quality of life.

Just remember cat hair loss can be the sign of some serious problems. Your veterinarian is the best person to talk to about these problems.